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Video Intercom System Offer

Product Description


See who is at the front door before you allow access!


This one way kit comes complete with a slim profile entry panel along with a handset free video monitor with capacitive touch buttons. It is a great kit for a single dwelling or an office building


Measuring only 55 mm in width, the entrance panel included in this kit is one of the smallest on the market, therefore ideal for installations where space is limited at the entrance. The colour camera delivers crisp video quality while the built-in LED lights improves the caller's visibility in low light conditions.


Also included in this kit is a wall mounted handset free video monitor which provides excellent video quality combined with clear sound. It features a four inch TFT screen along with speak, door release and camera recall button.


Answering the door in larger buildings can be difficult with only one video monitor, therefore we recommend adding additional monitors whenever it makes it more convenient for the user. The kit can be expanded up to two entrances calling four monitors simultaneously.




Capacitive touch buttons

Intercom facility

Expandable with 3 additional monitors


This kit includes

1 x CVP-21-S 1 Way video entry panel

1 x CVM-200 Colour video monitor

1 x 1201DIN Power supply unit


Supplied, installed & commissioned from as little as

£425 inclusive (Subject to site survey).


An electric release to the door can also be added to this system.




Quotations: 07731 521313

24hr. Engineer: 07914 008569